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Thursday, September 21st 2017 View Blog
For The 'Size Fabulous' Women Everywhere
Unfortunately, and such is the case with most pointless questions, the answers I wish I had given at the time don't occur to me until hours later. Usually when I suddenly shout them out in the shower or mumble them to myself at 3am when I'm stumbling in my panties to get a drink of water.

I fear that in the moment the question "what dress size are you" was actually asked of me recently in a message, I replied with something off the cuff and ineffective like -
that's none of your business, or that's an inappropriate question.

So, with a little bit of hindsight... I have been considering the answer I wish I had given to this pointless question, and my conclusion is that along with all other women, I should have insisted that I am size fucking fabulous.

I am the dress size that makes me a woman who is grateful and who loves fiercely, and neither of them in small ways, but both entirely and wholeheartedly. I'm learning to embrace the challenges I meet daily and seek to broaden my horizons.

I am the dress size that makes me a woman who is mindful, and always aware of my surroundings as the needs of others are a priority. I freely admit to my shortcomings and wish to learn from my mistakes in order to take the lesson forward.

I am the dress size that makes me a woman who appreciates things in life, like
Nature and kindness
Good food and wine
Great company and uplifting conversation
A glorious sunset and an early morning winter walk on the beach
Smelling good and tasting even better
Laughter and crying
Relationships and communication
Honesty and passion
A good old fashioned fuck and chocking on a throbbing hard cock.

I am the dress size that makes me a woman who attracts men that find me sexy, interesting and sensual. They see all the sizes I am made up of as they approach me respectfully, yet with the perfect and much needed heady mix of lust and desire.

I am the dress size that makes me a woman who believes that no matter what dress size any of us are, it's of no concern to anyone because you're all beautiful, sexual, unique and remarkable in every way.

I am the dress size that makes me a woman who would fuck like there is no tomorrow, but the pointless question asker will never know what that feels like now because he won't ever get to try me on for size.

May this be for all the size fabulous women everywhere; we're gorgeous sexy sirens, regardless of our dress sizes

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Thursday, September 21st 2017 View Blog
I have missed you gentlemen
For the best SEXperience of your life

get on the phone to me guys. I have a filthy mind in a voluptuous lovely mind and body ( with 38E ) Boobs (I got measured in a lingerie shop-that was a horny half hour coz she was beautiful

For some months now I have been feeling so terribly unwell. After many hospital trips and ct scans I have been told I have chronic lung disease hence my not being on line. I'm coping but need to earn some money so soon I am going to be on cam too.

Still horny and I still have my husky sexy voice so please get in touch xxxxxxxx
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Thursday, September 21st 2017 View Blog
A whiskey in one hand. His cock in the other.
It began because I had a crush on a bloke. Yup.  No surprises there. 
It's all because of a man. Well, not entirely but he was at the beginning of my MA thought process.  His penis was inspired.  In more than one way.   I wanted to photograph him naked. I wanted to photograph us naked.  Mostly I wanted to photograph him naked whilst he was fucking me.  I had no intention of sharing the images with anyone except him. I had no idea how I was going to hold the camera. I wanted to chronical us together and then tuck the photographs away in a box on a shelf next to the one marked Summer, Paris 2008. He was that glorious belle époque age of a man, 36. There is something incredibly sexy about a man at that age.  He just happened to be very photogenic.  Naked in my bed and a willing co-conspirator.
What started out as a post fucking (literally)  idea in 2014 has evolved into something somewhat remarkable.  We can all thank a certain strapping gentleman for that.  I was laying next to him one morning and just blurted out I want to photograph clients and sex workers together.  It was at the start of our sexual obsession with each other.  I did not have the balls to say I want to photograph us fucking. To bold perhaps. Instead, I said I want to photograph clients and sex workers.  I quipped about what I'd call myself. We laughed. He left and I thought to myself, well actually that's not a bad an idea.
We did,  of course, experiment with photography during the course of our over sexed, ill-conceived and entirely selfish affair.  He would agree and beg to be photographed.  Mainly whilst drunk.  Sexting me from his £1.3 million marital Battersea abode.  The baby asleep upstairs.   A whiskey in one hand. His cock in the other.  On more than one occasion he would come over and find cameras bracketed to the bedroom wall.  That night on that couch will always be a grainy set of prints. 
I wanted to capture the authentic intimacy we had.   That undeniable connection of two strangers taken out of context. Plonked naked next to each other for two hours every week for 3 years. I was over shooting other people and wanted just to shoot him.

To understand couple photography you need to understand one thing. That you are creating the illusion of happiness, the falsehood of togetherness in one breathtakingly stunning set of images.  Photography as an agent for the  illusion of intimacy.  
If couple photography is the illusion of faked intimacy then the antidote to that surely was to photograph married men with sex workers seeking the authentic intimacy that was faked in their wedding photographs.

Sounds logical to me. End of part one.
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Thursday, September 21st 2017 View Blog
Nails day!
Hello readers! It's that time of week where I need my feet and nails done. Ofcourse. This week I have red and I think that's pretty much every week, either way, I love red lol however! I have 2 shades of red! A much darker colour on my feet and a light more "Prostitute" red on my hands. Great! It's like when I get a pamper treatment, it almost always goes wrong! Oh well, next time.

2 weeks ago I went to a nail shop that messed my nails up quite a while ago and I thought I'd give them the benefit of the doubt as the other was just way too busy. I go in for a pedicure, PRETTY DAMN EASY RIGHT? Not for them! They cut half of my toe nail off and ended up cutting me too! That is only just healing now.

9 weeks ago I went for a trim. A TRIM! THE "Creative director" ended up cutting 2 and a half inches off. I asked for 1 as I'm growing it and then proceeded to sheer my hair off! What is wrong with people?

Really hope my next treatment goes well, argh! If you a girl with 2 coloured nails, that's me lol

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Thursday, September 21st 2017 View Blog
Wait for it
Oh my, you guys need to hear about the fun I have been having with other girls lately. To be honest I am real I will say it.... been getting boredddd of men lately needed some pussy in my life lol. Pictures and videos will be up soon you are going to love it. Seriously. I am so proud of myself at the moment I am making good progress with everything lately so keep up with my new stuff coming up- my new gym body is going to be shown all over the place. I have been gyming everyday and I love it getting hot and sweaty in my little crop tops and leggings with guys looking at me squatting Everyone who has been coming on cam with me since I started have been saying wow you have lost loads of weight and I love it. However don't worry I know my guys like my chunkiness and I will never loose that growing the glutes and getting abs is my goal, love having my thick thighs big boobs and now little waist!
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Thursday, September 21st 2017 View Blog
Autumn coming!
What a fun summer!! I have been travelling a bit recently and I have been as far afield as South Yorkshire to visit a lovely gentleman. Not only did we have a lot of fun (and he won’t mind me saying that) but I also got an opportunity to get up into the Dales – very Emmerdale as you can see from the photo I took.

I have also been out walking locally too; well its good for the legs! Also, I have decided, despite my “flap mash” experience in the summer, to do some more cycling. I have been to a few cycle shops and have you any idea how much choice there is now and just how much you can spend on a bike – thousands!! I won’t be spending that much unless a kind client offers to buy me one!!
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Thursday, September 21st 2017 View Blog
Just because I can
Hi everyone

Just a quick blog to let you know what’s happening.

Have been doing a lot of filming and have lots more coming up in the month to come, so if your one of the many people who love to watch me keep an eye open for the new content coming soon.

Have had quite a few males contact me wanting to be filmed with me, which is lovely. What some of them don’t realise is that if I start to arrange things with you for a filming session and you suddenly start to mess me about, it is NEVER going to happen.

I know some of those who contact me hope to get lots of messages so they can play with themselves while thinking about all that could happen when they are with me.

If I have given you my number to sort out details and you decide not to ring,that just tells me that you are not reliable, I then know that you won’t be coming to play or to be filmed.

I am very discrete when sorting things out with anyone who comes to visit me.

Those with zero ratings are never given my number until a booking has been made.

I only ever contact anyone by phone once they have messaged me via this site, and most times the person calls me once I have text them so they have my number.

Would never dream of contacting anyone who has already been to see me, they have my number and if they want to call me then I know they will when they are ready to.

As I am doing lots of filming I might well have a few bruises on my body at times, if this is something that concerns you or might put you off visiting me, please do let me know about that before you arrange to visit me.

I know some men get concerned seeing a woman with bruises on her flesh, but don’t worry if I have them I have been enjoying myself.

I wouldn’t see anyone if I couldn’t give you my full attention, if I was hurting from the bruising I wouldn’t be working until the hurt had gone.

Anyway before I go I will just let you know that if you have read this blog and then suddenly can’t find me on this site again, you have been blocked for trying to mess me about.

No good me blocking you if you don’t know what it’s for.

All the girls on this site are providing a service for you, treat them with the respect and kindness they deserve and you will have a fantastic time in their company.

Must dash now

Take care and have a great day.

Ginny X
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Thursday, September 21st 2017 View Blog
My love for dirty phone chat
Hi guys

Just thought I would update my blog, I'm going to try to do it much more frequently! (Don't hate me if I forget though...) I am just thinking this morning how much I love phone chat. I went through a while where I wasn't doing so much of it, concentrating more on Direct IM as my imagination REALLY goes wild in there.
But I've just taken two calls this morning (it's currently 8.30am) lying in bed, two very naughty boys with very hard cocks who just couldnt stop themselves from ringing me, and oh my gosh! We had sooo much fun. Talking to them made my little pussy so wet I just couldn't help playing with it, I think I had more fun than they did!
So when that cock is hard make sure you ring me....., I'll enjoy it as much as you do xxx
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Thursday, September 21st 2017 View Blog
Happier times... ;)
I was laying in bed giggling with my partner in crime, going through my blogs. And he say's "You come across as a net mum blogging on AW. You're a net mum nymph!". Now looking at it I can see what he means. How funny.

After my last blog I thought I would share with you how quick things have turned around. I'm in a Nice hotel that I can work from discreetly. I've had an amazing day with new customers.

It was an early start yesterday. 8am. I love morning sex. When your both full of energy and full of cum. All of my customers yesterday we're seriously gorgeous and kinky and without realising it & really put a smile on my face. You know who you are guys ;) Thank you.

All 3 bookings we're completely different. 3 hour GFE, 2 hour PSE and a good hour Dom session;). All bases covered in one day. Nice. I would love to go into detail. But I've not got the time. Perhaps I'll start giving you an insight to what I get up to behind closed doors one day.

Have a fucking sexy day.

Mel x
HottestBeauty (26) Escorts - Available Today - Click to book
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Thursday, September 21st 2017 View Blog
So excited about my holidays in the city of Love!
Exactly so excited, can't even sleep ha ha 😆!
Why do I have to wake at at 6 am today? Ok some days I do wake up that early to go to my normal work and it's ok but today why not to just sleep longer argg 😂
Maybe I'm just excited about this trip to Paris that's why I can't even sleep. I've been there before but didn't do much touristy stuff, most of the times have seen Eiffel Tower from the windows of luxury hotels hehe, I was naughty girl back then I guess. Was traveling with my lover at that time, long time before I discover A W. I do enjoy this site because it gives freedom of choice, not only one or couple lovers ;) I love to be a mistress rather than wife cos it's more romantic and don't have sign prenap lol 💁 So this time I'm going to Paris with my best friend to celebrate her birthday and do some tours in there. Unless some chicky gent want to meet for a lovely hour of fun somewhere in the city of love awww love ❤️

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