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asiangentleman (212)
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Thursday, September 20th 2018 View Blog
Stay humble. Be kind. Live. Laugh.

We’ve all struggled at some point.....

I’ve put £5 worth of petrol in my tank before and I've put £50 in my tank. I've asked for lifts and given lifts. I've had a house full of food and I've been without food. I've given people clothes. I've been given clothes.

I've been in shops checking out with no worries and I've also had to add it up and put it back.

I've had my rent paid in full and I've had to pay it late too. I've given money and I too have had to ask for it.

We all have highs and lows in life, some certainly more than others, but we're all just trying to make it.

No one is better than anyone else, and I pity those who think that they are.

No matter how big your house is, how new your car is, or how much money sits in your bank account - our graves will be the same size.

Stay humble. Be kind. Live. Laugh.
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Thursday, September 20th 2018 View Blog
Old AND blonde--bad combination
Ask Paul, who I booked in for 5 or maybe 5.30, I thought he was another Guy Richard ---who turned up, ( obviously I told him 5,30pm )so I was texting Richard thinking it was Paul---so I messed Paul's plans up , he was coming all the way from Taunton------Lucky enough for me, Paul excused my early amnesia spate and still wants to come---thank you Paul.
It was nice of Richard to come in all calm and collected in need of a sensual massage after a busy meeting , ( at this moment in time when i had Richards bits being tampered with Paul was texting me so I was unaware I was letting him down-)--so very leisurely looked after Richard---and a nice surprise , he looked after me---as one does!Soooo I either need to buck my ideas up---or as suggested----get a paper round, then you'll probably having mrs Browns daily telegraph going to mr smiths ---and mr smiths playboy going to mrs browns???
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Thursday, September 20th 2018 View Blog
Nothing is going right for me at the moment
Well if i am not having a bad enough time as it is. Mother nature has come calling. How the fuck are you meant to make any money with her hanging around?
I have been told though that i give the best blow job since sliced bread so thats what is on offer at the moment. Just before anyone starts asking questions about this. Yes i deep throat an yes i swallow. Not only that but i have a very special offer on tonight but you will have to eemail me for the details.
Night time is the best time for car meets especially just for a blow job so come on guys all those with partners who have stopped sucking your dick drop me a line xx
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Thursday, September 20th 2018 View Blog
phone's off again :(
Hi guys,
Please send me a message via A.W. to get a number for me as my a.w. number isn't working again.
Don't know what the hell's going on as this isn't the first time it's happened.
I've tried the network with no luck so maybe it's time to get another one or just bin this one. I have tried to change the number on my profile to another number I have but for some reason it's not been accepted.Apparently it comes up that there is already another member with the number, strange because everyone that calls the number gets through to me every time??????
Looks like it's been off for a couple weeks, sorry 4 inconvinience,
kisses May xx
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Thursday, September 20th 2018 View Blog
Wanting you deep inside me
This past few months I have experienced an upsurge of older and wealthier clients. I have no idea why this is or what I have done to deserve this. I have certainly enjoyed their company and loved the conversation we have before and after sex. I love remembering their gentle and teasing kisses and caresses. I believe clients love their sense of mastery of my body when I lie so still and soft for them as they mount me and I feel them pump deep inside me. I cannot say how excited I am when a man feels his need and cannot hold back from entering me and the sensations I feel as my soft flesh gives way under his thrusts. I sometimes tingle and glow for hours after which leaves me feeling very satisfied.

It must be that time of year again. I dress fairly conservatively when out and about yet have caught younger men throwing me a glance as they see me, or turning their heads when they hear the click and scrape of high heels.

My favourite look this week has been a 1980s style red satin shirt with a buttoned high neck. Gold edged pearl earrings and a small pearl necklace catch your eye. The deep rich satin flows over my curves like an impenetrable wall of look don’t touch teasing what is underneath. A cream pencil skirt with stockings and heels completes my look. I do love a bit of glamour, don’t you?
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Thursday, September 20th 2018 View Blog
Do you believe in psychics?
See, last week I took a morning off (I know, I was let out on good behaviour!) to see a psychic. Some of you know I've been a practising psychic for years and sometimes give out snippets of information for you here. Anyway, i went. I know some of you will think it's a waste of time and money but I chose mine carefully.

In here, I try really hard to manifest my combined skills so that when you leave your energy is lifted and you feel renewed and ready for the rest of the day. Periodically I need to clear all the energies I attract (bit like emptying a full vacuum!!) So I can feel renewed too.

You're always going to be apprehensive whether you are a believer or not. My advice is to go with the flow and go with an open mind. Let the psychic come to you with the information at least to start with then if you do have a burning question slot it in at an appropriate moment. Whilst the content of our conversation is not important what she did was to clear any negative energy that was remaining and I still feel the effects as I write ready and refreshed to give my best to you as always.


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Thursday, September 20th 2018 View Blog
Apologies for my absence this week
But sadly on Monday morning I had to have my woofie PTS, I was there till the end and it was the right thing to do as he was 16years old and had been with me for 14 of those years.

As most of clientelle know I love my animals and dear old darling Jack was one of them, he was a fighter until the end.

So yes I had been a tad bit emotional and I think the worst thing would have been having a mini breakdown on your shoulder rather than.... well you know.

But normal service will resume tomorrow.
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Thursday, September 20th 2018 View Blog
Hi everybody!

I am often asked what makes me more horny... Personally, I used female drops few times, when I was performing in adult movies. It really helped to relax, and it made me squirt a lot. I realised that I can squirt so easily after using the drops. I was just touching my clit and a fountain of squirt was coming out. After this discovery I can play with my clit and make myself squirt in seconds.

I was asked to upload some pictures of my sex toys. I have added few in my PVT gallery. Please have a look who is interested. I reviewed all my toys and changed the batteries, all are like new now and vibrators are all functional, ready to use. I’ve got a new toy recently - white cock, medium size, made from soft material and feels like a real... It is nice for pussy and ass. And I believe it is good size for my male friends as well...

Recently I been webcaming in the mornings, starting very early from 5-6 am. Feeling so horny in the mornings, when just wake up! It is awesome to start the day getting few orgasms. .

Thank you for reading my blog,

I love you all,

Your Monica
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Thursday, September 20th 2018 View Blog
Cuckold Fantasy
So our guy asks if we can play out a role play fantasy he has, which really gets him going. As we have mentioned we have won no Oscar’s in the past but so long as our meeting rules aren’t broken, we are keen to give things a go and have a giggle. So, from the moment our door was open to our guest, the performance started. Get your popcorn ready and fair warning, this is a long read…

Luke and Lucy had just finished some great sex. For Lucy in particular, it was always good sex as she couldn’t get any from her husband Paul. Paul, unfortunately for Lucy, had a small pathetic cock. Now it’s quite often a woman say in defence of her man… “It’s not the size that matters, it’s how you use it”. However in this case, Lucy would say… “His cock is so small, I have to ask if it’s in yet?”. It’s for this reason Lucy has seen Luke nearly every day for months. Despite the obvious risks of getting caught out by Paul, Lucy is very horny lady and demands regular satisfaction.

Luke pulled his cock out of Lucy’s now dripping pussy. He had fucked her as hard as he could, and while he did so, she rubbed her clit and cum several times. Her husband Paul was at work, and mid-afternoon was their regular fuck time. As they relax to recoup some energy, the sudden rattle of keys at the front door breaks the silence. Lucy and Luke bolt upright in panic, like rabbits in headlights. It must be Paul.

Luke scrambles up grabbing his pants while Lucy, still wearing her sexy slutty skirt & shirt combo, jumps and runs to the hallway to try to intercept Paul.

‘You are home early?’, Lucy said in a trembling voice.
‘Yes, there was a major power cut at work, and we were all told we can go home.’
‘Are you ok?’, Paul added.

Paul could see the panic in his wife’s eyes and instantly knew something wasn’t right. Lucy stepped aside, and Paul advanced to the bedroom. As he entered, his best friend Luke was pulling up his trousers and zipping his flies.

‘What’s going on here?’ Paul sternly asked.
‘Erm, it’s not what it looks like’, Luke responded still frantically finding some clothes.
‘That’s my wife’s knickers on the floor… you have just been fucking my wife’ Paul said dipping his head in sorrow.
‘Well you haven’t been able to!’ Said Lucy rather sternly.
‘You have such a small pathetic cock, I have to find my fuck somewhere else. Sorry it had to be with your best friend Luke, but he has a wonderful cock and knows how to use it.’

Paul had suspected his wife was getting sex somewhere else, as he hadn’t had any for months. He took the situation with begrudging acceptance, and disappointment with himself. He sat on the sofa in the bedroom with his head in his hands wondering what to do next.

‘Well I have had a good fuck, and I’m off for a night with the girls.’ Lucy said in a demeaning way.

She bent over in front of her husband, showing her cum dripping pussy, picked up her knickers and slipped them back on. Turning and leaning towards her husband, she gave him a quick peck on the cheek and said…

‘I need some spending money, that much you owe me for being a pathetic husband.”

Paul reached into his pocket and submissively gave her a wad of cash. It was the only thing he felt made her happy these days.

‘See you later darling’. Lucy said snatching the money.

Turning to Luke, Lucy embracing him with a long deep snog. She was deliberately demeaning to her husband knowing he was watching. Lucy grabbed Luke’s bulge through his trousers as she kissed him, and Luke responded by grabbing her pert bum cheeks.

‘I’ll leave you two to do some male bonding then…’ She said as she left the bedroom and walked out the front door.

Luke sensed Paul seem to be aroused while watching him kiss his wife. As he sat there, Luke clocked he was staring right at his bulge in his jeans.

‘So what do we do now?’ Paul asked Luke still staring at Luke’s bulge.
‘Would you like to see my cock?’ Luke daringly asked.
‘I don’t know, it feels so wrong but I want to’.

Still feeling horny Luke pulled down his jeans, and pants revealing a massive hard on. Without hesitation, Paul leaned forward and took it in his mouth. He sucked and licked with excitement, like he had waited years for this day. He took him as deep as he could in his mouth, but could not quite take it all.

‘That’s it take it deep!’ Luke demanded, and Paul responded gagging as he did so.
‘What would your wife say if she saw you doing this?’
‘She would be disgusted’ Paul said withdrawing for a moment.

As Luke enjoyed the attention from Paul’s tongue and lips, the front door suddenly opened again. Lucy stormed in the bedroom.

‘I forgot the keys for my…’ stopping mid sentence as she reviewed the scene.
‘What are you doing? are you gay?’ Lucy asked Paul in shock.
‘No, we are just having some fun’ Paul sheepishly replied, and continued to suck.
‘That’s disgusting….’ Lucy said “But now I’m here, I’m going to watch you!’

Lucy kneeled down for a closer view. She was a dominant woman, and saw an opportunity for some fun. She wanted to humiliate her husband.

‘Lick the sensitive park of his cock, just behind the tip’, Lucy demanded.

Paul responded, like an eager student, sucking and licking intently. Lucy found this very horny to watch, and continued to verbally humiliate and put her husband down. Lucy directed Luke to lay on the bed and ordered her husband to suck Luke’s cock more. As he did so she pulled out a butt plug from the drawers and started to lube Paul’s hole.

‘What are you doing?’ Paul asked, feeling the lube around his arse.
‘You are gay, so I’m putting this butt plug up you!’ Lucy responded, and gently pushed home the butt plug, turning the vibrate button on as she did so.

Paul gasped, and accepted his fate. Despite obvious discomfort, he gestured his wife to continue pushing until it was properly seated. With the butt plug firmly in place Paul continued to suck for several minutes with wanton enthusiasm. Luke could feel an orgasm build, but Lucy sensed this and had other ideas for torment.

‘Let’s take this further… I want you to feel what a real cock is like. Luke come over here and fuck his ass!’ she ordered.

Paul remained silent and submissive to the idea. Luke got off the bed and slipped a rubber on, while Lucy removed the butt plug from her husband's ass. Still hard as a rock, Luke climbed behind and lined up his cock with Pauls hole. Gently pushing forward, with a little protest, Luke eased in.

‘Are you ok hunny?’ Lucy mocked to her husband, with a minuscule show of concern.
‘He is big, take it slow please’ said Paul.
‘Now you know what a real cock feels like… unlike yours’ chuckling as she said so.

Understanding the possible discomfort, Luke stopped pushing for a moment and allowed Paul time to get used to the unexpected anal intrusion. As he seemed more comfortable, Luke slowly eased in more until eventually he had nearly taken it all. Lucy found this extremely erotic, her near impotent husband impaled by her lover. She moved and to lay in front of him, legs spread, her pussy just below his face.

‘Lick my pussy while he fucks you cuckold!’ she ordered.

Luke started to slowly pump his ass, as Paul was only just willingly coping. As he licked Lucy’s pussy, she loved seeing her husband close to his limits. This erotic scene continued and Paul coped well with his ordeal. He licked with purpose and Lucy could not help but cum to the sensations and hornyness of it all. Luke was also feeling the need to cum, and Lucy wanted her husband to taste it. She wanted him to know what another man’s spunk tasted like.

‘Kneel down, my hubby and open your mouth.’

Luke pulled out, and ripped off the rubber. He quickly pointed his cock over Pauls wanting tongue. With a few quick strokes, he gasped and shot spurt after spurt in his mouth and on his tongue. There was so much, he could not swallow or drink it all, so it dripped down like a torrent onto his chest. Lucy was pleased her hubby followed her orders, but had one more order to deliver.

‘Luke is still big and hard, unlike you. Watch Luke fuck me hard like he always does. Wank yourself while he pumps your wife hard.’

With those words Lucy lay back on the bed, legs spread. Luke was indeed still hard and fucked Lucy with all the energy he had left. Paul took a good position to watch Luke’s cock going in and out of his wife’s pussy. He pumped hard and fast, his sweat dripping onto her as he did so. Paul rubbed his cock, building to an orgasm. As he did so, Lucy rubbed her clit and also built up to another climax. Lucy gasped and screamed out as Luke fucked her, cumming once again. Seeing his wife cum to a big cock in her, took Paul over the edge and he too intensely sprayed his cum all over.

With everyone more than satisfied, our role play came to an end. Paul was absolutely made that his fantasy was brought alive. Lucy was also surprised with Luke, who more often than not goes a bit southward when a condom goes on. It’s for this reason we don’t officially offer a topping service, and have a strap on as a backup plan. Despite that, on this occasion everything worked and a good time was had by all.
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Thursday, September 20th 2018 View Blog
this week has been great !!

saw some lovely new gents plus my horny regulars

who have certainly made me work up a sweat

every gent has satisfied me in more ways than one

soo thank you boys i do hope next week is the same ?

plenty of reverse oral,kissing cuddles etc

and i shall be happy happy

i do get very turned on when im dressed up ready to play with you guys

and sorry to the gents i couldnt see again

im loving the sunshine plenty of ice cube and ice lolly play i say

my big bouncy titties are nice and brown and when i put on some shimmering after sun

they look good enough to eat

right im off to get ready for some more fun

bye for now xxx

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