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Monday, April 23rd 2018 View Blog
Naughty Phone Messages With A Horny Client
Good morning you horny bunch, so I thought I'd share the dialogue of an extremely horny message conversation with had with one of my gorgeous, naughty, regular clients! I sincerely hope you enjoy it as much as we did and I'll be disappointed if you don't cum reading it! Please enjoy! Love and filth, your Lola xx
Good morning Mr Sensuality!
Good morning delicious! Have you just got out of bed? Imagine you mentioning cock....
I have been nice and relaxed all day. Now I am feeling horny again. Damn you woman! I want to come over now and.....
Mmmmm......and....? The sun's so hot ***†! I need an ice cold drink....and.......😏 xx
And...I will massage suntan lotion all over your body to ensure you don’t get burnt. I will bring you an ice cold drink as well with plenty of ice cubes.....
Oh will you? A little light oil please gorgeous man! I might get so turned on by your strong hands firmly manipulating my hot, toned muscles...........I'll probably be so wet in my bikini bottoms.............it might start to glisten through the crotch! My clit will swell........my nipples will be so hard too........... I may have to pull my pants to one side, show you just how drenched my cunt is and I might beg you to flick your cool wet tongue across my clit................I might.........💕xx
I want you so badly.....You are the horniest woman I have ever met
I can see that beautiful dick of yours straining to escape your shorts, as though it has picked up the scent of my sweet honey juice! I might reach down, pull it out of your shorts........wipe the pre cum bubbles with my thumb and greedily suck them off then passionately kiss you,spit a mixture of that and my creamy cunt milk so you can taste how amazing we taste together like that! Wanking you with my licked, spitty hand......... maybe....... just!xx
You bring out the worst (or absolute best)!xxxx
I might give you a massage on Monday....you lying on your front as I massage baby oil into you shoulders, back, legs, calves feet inside thighs...brushing your cunt lips with my fingers....
You’ll be able to feel my cock rubbing against your ass as I sit astride you massaging your shoulders....working my way down your body.....
I lift your leg massaging your calf... your legs are spread ever so slightly...I can smell your cunt....I can see it’s wet.....
Our breathing will obviously be exaggerated, both of us soooooooooooo desperate, to cum but holding it off. We don't want this feeling to end! You're harder than you've ever been, your balls have tightened right up! They need my icy (from the ice cubes, not because I'm a beeeeeesh haha) mouth around them to relieve them......it's not time to shoot your seed into the back of my throat yet.........maybe you'll spray it across my tits!? Or maybe by this time I will have given up being discreet, be on my sunbed on all fours with my knees wide apart. I can feel the light breeze on my sodden pussy lips, I'm rubbing my clit now occasionally putting a wet finger or 2 in my arsehole! I'd look into your eyes and plead with you to just put your engorged helmet into it after you spit into the gap I've made with my fingers....... once it's in our sexuality reaches a crazy level! Sheer desperation......you slide that stunning rock solid tool further into my wet, sticky tight ass! I reach behind with both hands and greedily grab your arse to make it clear I want you absolutely balls deep......now! You can't bear the heavenly warmth spreading through your body....it's too much.....you need to cum now...... I'm starting to arch my back I've rubbed my pussy almost to the point of explosion. You pull out so you can watch my shiny slit and arse start to contract as your cock starts to pulsate ........maybe just maybe your spunk fires out at such force around and inside my swollen, fucked, slightly open arse hole .....and drips down over my juicy cunt! Maybe!🤭xxxx
I massage your foot and then swap legs part your legs a bit more....your cunt lips are so wet....I slide my hands up your thighs and I brush your tightly puckered ass hole with my fingers....
Mmmmmmm, you're like a dog on heat! As soon as those chemicals mix in your brain you have without any delay to violate my pretty smooth pussy lips and smash into my cunt for a desperate hard, fast fuck?!xxx
And you moan...your breathing is ragged....my hand slips down between your legs and I massage your wet cunt....
Flicking your thumb across my sticky swelling?xx
I am licking your asshole getting it ready for my swollen hard cock
I lean into you kissing your neck...and my cock penetrates your pussy....slowly going deeper
And deeper....
I can feel how hot you are
How wet
How tight
No you spit in it........your slut needs a filthy ass fuck! Haha....... I'm pulled over in my car......my pussy is so wet xx
Your cunt is all I desire...
Your asshole is begging to be fucked...
It’s already wet from the cunt juice dribbling into it
I slam my cock into your ass
All the way in
Feels so fucking good
As I kiss and bite your neck
Hands holding you down
Deep hard thrusts into your ass
It’s too much
It's hot,wet, swollen, I'm pushing it up in the air.....maybe if you don't want to fuck me hard.......someone else will! I want the world to taste and fuck my insatiable cunt.....ooohhhh you .....xxx
[I spray cum all over your ass and cunt
[You rub it in and lick and suck your fingers
Pulling me in for a dirty nasty snowball
You filthy wonderful woman
We should make a porn movie
I feel lightheaded writing this
My imagination is running wild
Not sure I can wait til Monday
You horny fuck...... ohhhhh yes! I can feel running down! I want half of it though......it's our filthy snowball! Shall we? I need you inside me baby....xxxx
My balls and brain might explode
Fuck.......I need to publish this as a blog! The thought of people getting horny over us! So fucking hot!xx Email me for a meet or pop me on your hot list or just let me know you loved it and I'll happily add to this! You have to know my pussy is so wet right now! <3 xx
pipcan2 (11)
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Monday, April 23rd 2018 View Blog
The Web Cam World: Tired Of These Girls
All The Planning, The Work That I Do In The Background, Getting The Girls, Finding Out The Girl Is Shit, Or Way Way Way Over Estimated There Worth, Never Could Under Stand What They Think Web camming Is, Especially That They Applying To Do Couples Camming. And All Seem To Have An Attitude Of That They Are The Star And Without Them The Show Could Not Go On, I Am Sick To Death Of This Type Of Woman, I Think I Going To Have To Re Think My Hiring Strategy, You See Them And Think How Is That Woman Single, And All Becomes Clear Very Quickly. No One Finds A Stuck Up, I Love Myself, I Am The Star, You Are The Prop, The Views Are My Loved Up, Admires, That Will Pay Just To Look At Me. Types. need to find someone who know what a good days work is. my search continues peace
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Monday, April 23rd 2018 View Blog
How to manage your time
The secret to time management is simple: Jedi time tricks.

Imagine you were a Jedi master called Bob (your parents, whilst skilled in the ways of the force weren’t the best at choosing names). The love of your life – Princess Lucia – is trapped in a burning building as you hurry to save her.

You might think of Lucia as the embodiment of your dreams, your aspirations – she is your most important thing.

Unfortunately, before you can reach her an army of stormtroopers open fire. The incoming stream of lasers demand your attention – if you fail to dodge them, you’re dead. You might think of them as an urgent distraction from saving your princess.

We all know how a hero resolves this dilemma. If he takes his eye off the ultimate goal – his princess – then all his other efforts are for nought. He can engage an army of stormtroopers, cutting them down with graceful ease, but their numbers are limitless, and whilst momentarily satisfying they only distract him. Delayed too long, his princess will die.

And so it is with your life. You have things that are most important and things that are most urgent in permanent competition:

The secret to mastering your time is to systematically focus on importance and suppress urgency. Humans are pre-wired to focus on things which demand an immediate response, like alerts on their phones – and to postpone things which are most important, like going to the gym. You need to reverse that, which goes against your brain and most of human society.

Look at what you spend your day doing. Most of it, I’ll warrant, is not anything you chose – it’s what is being asked of you. Here’s how we fix that, young padawan:

Say no. Most of us follow an implicit social contract: when someone asks you to do something you almost always say yes. It may feel very noble, but don’t forget there’s a dying princess you need to save, and you just agreed to slow yourself down because you were asked nicely. You may need to sacrifice some social comfort to save a life (as a bonus, people tend to instinctively respect those who can say no).
Unplug the TV. I haven’t had a TV signal for 7 years, which has given me about 12,376 hours more than the average American who indulges in 34 hours a week. I do watch some shows – usually one hour a day whilst eating dinner – but only ones I’ve chosen and bought. You can do a lot with 12,000 hours, and still keep up with Mad Men.
Kill notifications. Modern technology has evolved to exploit our urgency addiction: email, Facebook, Twitter, Quora and more will fight to distract you constantly. Fortunately, this is easily fixed: turn off all your notifications. Choose to check these things when you have time to be distracted – say, during a lunch break – and work through them together, saving time.
Schedule your priorities. Humans are such funny critters. If you have a friend to meet, you’ll arrange to see them at a set time. But if you have something that matters to you more than anything – say writing a book, or going to the gym – you won’t schedule it. You’ll just ‘get round to it’. Treat your highest priorities like flights you have to catch: give them a set time in advance and say no to anything that would stop you making your flight.
First things first. What is the single most important (not urgent) thing you could possibly be doing? Do some of that today. Remember there’s a limitless number of distracting stormtroopers – don’t fool yourself by thinking “if I just do this thing first then I can”. Jedi don’t live by excuses.
Less volume, more time. There’s always millions of things you could be doing. The trick is to pick no more than 1 – 3 a day, and relentlessly pursue those. Your brain won’t like this limit. Other people won’t like this limit. Do it anyway. Focusing your all on one task at a time is infinitely more efficient than multi-tasking and gives you time to excel at your work.
Ignore. It’s rude, unprofessional and often utterly necessary. There are people you won’t find time to reply to. There are requests you will allow yourself to forget. You can be slow to do things like tidy up, pay bills or open mail. The world won’t fall apart. The payoff is you get done what matters.

One final lesson from the Jedi: they’re heroes.

Heroes inspire us for many reasons: they make tough decisions, they keep going and they get done what matters. But there’s another reason we love our heroes. Inside us all, we know we have the power to become one ourselves.

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Sunday, April 22nd 2018 View Blog
It can be a blessing or a curse lol
there I am ready to chat to you lil boys and then the bloody connection to the video goes nuts and kicks me off and wont go back on grrrr. I log off and back on again am fine for about 2 mins and then it happens again even bigger grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr lol. I then have to restart the bloody laptop what a flipping round about way just to get the bloody cam working lol. so am now back up and running suppose so should really turn the bloody thing off before I cam huh lol.
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Sunday, April 22nd 2018 View Blog
The end of my weekend away
It is almost the end of my weekend away.

it is my last night in my hotel room.

I am more than happy with how my first tour went. I only met up with one gentleman Saturday night and I was hoping to meet a second man this morning but unfortunately that never happened.

I'm not bother I didn't meet up with an other men while I am away as the gentleman I meet last night is an absolute gem. He is truly a gentleman. 100% lovely and needs 100% respect from the ladies he meets.

The main reason for my weekend away is because of my aunties funeral tomorrow. so I thought I would make the most of my days off work from my "normal" job, have some fun and meet up with a lovely gentleman and also spend time with some of my family.

Hopefully I will be back in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire very soon xxx
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Sunday, April 22nd 2018 View Blog
Bluetooth Calls
Hello you horny people,

Well l never read other ladies blogs, but today for some reason l read one with a bucket list. One item on my bucket list please people l want to be a millionaire. Please start dropping me some serious credits and any generous lottery winners out there:):):):). Anywhere as usual that’s me digressing.

Since my last blog, work has been ok. Went for a couple of interviews one came back and said we really want you but we have been told we can’t recruit until further notice. Why advertise for the post then. Because l was so annoyed l rang the lady and gave her a piece of my mind. The funny thing was she emailed me and said she will keep my CV and will be in touch once she has a go ahead and if l am still interested in the role.

One the same day l was chatting to someone on WhatsApp naughty banter. I left for work and l had a couple of colleagues in the car. My Bluetooth was on. The phone rang and l didn’t recognise the number so answered and he just blurted out “ so you are not in bed with me” l released the call and just said oh dear wrong number definitely. To my horror he rang again and l just rejected the call. I am laughing now but l on that day l was sweating and annoyed with myself. But we are all good now.

And l never learn, in the car on another day, l was the nominated driver. The phone rings l dint recognise the number no name came up. I need to get that checked why names are not popping up. I pick up the call thinking it’s one of my girlfriends. Hi Sweetie a voice bellows in the car. I quickly say can l call you back. The whole evening was about who is this person calling you sweetie, do we know him. Are you dating someone, my evening was ruined. They got me so drunk thinking they will get something out of me. I have permanently turned my Bluetooth off.

So gentleman telephone etiquette. When you ring me if we have not been texting just before please ask “is it convenient to talk” that saves me a load of stress;). Have a fab week. I will be answering to texts and voice calls this coming week as work is back to normal, and l have more time on my hands to be naughty.
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Sunday, April 22nd 2018 View Blog
Sexy skimpy and ready
This weekend has been very relaxing and I spoilt myself today with a long luxurious hot foamy bath. When I was done and my legs were silky smooth I felt like a change from the usual. A smart skirt suit, low cut tunic dress, and casual denim skirt were laid out in case I needed a quick change. As was in keeping with today and wanting to try a different look I slipped into a very revealing tie back babydoll, semi-translucent naked back thongs, and stockings and suspenders with pink fluffy slippers for fun and comfort. (Perhaps changing into a pair of black fluffy toe heeled slippers when entertaining?) I remembered I had bought a new jewellery set of matching twin pearl pendant earrings and a thick pearl necklace. I’m really pleased to let you know this looks very classy and matched my outfit really well. While washing the dishes I imagined it would have been fun chatting with a client while he had tea. Perhaps after we could have dashed out for a dinner or gone straight to bed for sexy fun?
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Sunday, April 22nd 2018 View Blog
South Mimms
Hi guys

Having been in Watford for 2 weeks, am now going to be at South Mimms services.

I decided this would be far easier for you guys to get to as location is right on M25 and A1M.

REMEMBER I have a raffle on until the end of the month so get booking for your chance to win.
You can win a whole hour with me with all my services included. Including anal and cum in mouth and as you can see from my profile, my rates are very competitive.

I'm getting booked up quite quickly at the moment so please call if it's short notice.
See you soon guys.
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Sunday, April 22nd 2018 View Blog
Sunshine, be happy.
It’s so beautiful and has been the last few days, the sun is shining, I have been to the beach and felt soft sand between my toes, I have also stuffed my face on battered sausage and chips and a flake 99 (which is no longer 99p goddamn Inflation.) Today I have had fresh salad and home made kebabs on the barbecue paired with the most wonderful bottle of Malbec. Since it’s terribly hot outside this week i will be in a fully air conditioned central location and making prosecco cocktails to cool down in between things getting hot and steamy. Some fresh fruit to top up our sugar levels and give us all of the energy that we need! This is the perfect weather for outside dinner dates and I know the perfect intimate places we can wine and dine before we go back for 69. I even have a vibrating egg that I can pop in before we leave and I can hand over the controller to you for your viewing pleasure. Full of good ideas aren’t I?

Enjoy the weather and summer is very nearly here! V xxx
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Sunday, April 22nd 2018 View Blog
medium weather is here!!
WOW! So I just wrote my entire blog and the system logged me out and now I have to write it agin! How irritating is that!!
I got myself all comfy on my bed with my cute kittycat curled up by my feet, had a cup of coffee ready and typed away! lets get started again then.....

So I am very happy that medium weather is here! if you dont know what that is its when its not too hot or too cold and you can sit with the windows open enjoying the sounds of birds tweeting and raindrops (when its raining)
I love rain, it's refreshing and cools everything down when it's too hot, it sounds amazing on al surfaces and makes everything glisten!

This weekend has been laundry from hell weekend! my teenagers emptied thier room and i swear there was stuff they just hadnt bothered to put away in the dirty pile! it annoys me when they do that like i want to wash and iron and fold etc for fun! So the mountain is about halfway down now and I had been so close to seeing the bottom of the basket! oh that would have been amazing as O havent seen it for years now lol.

While I was at it I have had a little lingerie clearout and some items will be here soon, I will be making them to order so you can carry a little bit of me everywhere you go! cum soaked, pissy, arsey, you name it i will make it happen and post in a ziplock bag for freshness!
so keep your eyes peeled for them to go up over the next week or so!

see you on cam later xxMMxx

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